• Spend a morning and afternoon at a world-renowned meditation resort
  • Be prepared to dance and move wildly
  • Stay through the evening for more seminars and activities

Osho, of course, is the main reason many foreigners will have heard of Pune. The world-renowned ashram has a bit of a checkered past—guru Rajneesh amassed a global following in the 1970’s and 80’s before being accused of plotting a bioterrorist attack in Oregon, among other bizarre crimes. Notoriety aside, Osho Meditation Resort remains one of Pune’s chief draws, attracting thousands of devotees to its idyllic Koregaon Park campus (conveniently just around the corner from the Conrad). If you were expecting long lulls of brooding silence, think again: Osho’s brand of meditation involves lots of dancing and energy release before you get to the quiet soothing stuff. Most guests check in for days or weeks at a time, but you can arrange a day visit by navigating some (typically) Indian bureaucracy. Though the entry procedure is a bit daunting, it’s actually quite efficient: Visitors must arrive at the welcome desk by 9 a.m. with their passports, pay a 1,560-rupee ($23) registration fee, and submit to an HIV test. (Yes, it’s mandatory for all.) Once cleared, you’ll buy a one-day entry fee (1,760 rupees for foreigners) and head to the Osho store to buy the requisite red-and-white robes (about 1,000 rupees each). All these transactions are cash-only—there’s an ATM a block away. Then you’ll join a welcome session with 20 other red-clad newbies, where you’ll spend a lot of time dancing before being guided through short versions of the Osho Kundalini and Osho Dynamic meditation techniques. There’s a chai break and a tour of the campus (watch out for devotees dancing to Bollywood grooves in the public plazas), then a viewing of a very strange, retro video clip covering hygiene and etiquette. The welcome session ends at 1 p.m., after which you can enjoy a vegetarian buffet lunch at Zorba the Buddha restaurant, or peruse the touch-screen displays to determine which talks and meditations you want to attend for the remainder of the day. (Your pass grants you access to all campus activities till midnight.) Osho is obviously not for everyone, but in the right frame of mind it can be a fascinating, eye-opening experience.

Osho is a five-minute drive from Conrad Pune.

​​​OSHO MEDITATION RESORT: No. 17, 1st Lane, Koregaon Park; +91-20-6601-9999;