• Sample delicious Maharashtrian street food
  • Try iconic dishes like misal pav and vada pav

Let’s face it, in India street food is always going to be something of a gamble—but if you identify spots with dedicated followings and plenty of turnover, you’ll be well rewarded. No one should leave Pune without breakfasting on misal pav—a spicy mix of curry, onions, and sev (crunchy savory noodles), sopped up with a bun. Our go-to for misal pav is the diminutive Kata Kirr, located about 20 minutes from the Conrad. But make sure you ask the cooks to go easy on the spices: Even veteran chilli[[see earlier note…]] aficionados struggle with the heat levels here. Follow that up with a stop at one of the Joshi Wadewale chain’s many outposts around town (there’s one quite near the hotel) for their top-tier vada pav, a savory potato patty served with spongy bread and curry. Bear in mind this is a strictly no-frills chain—it doesn’t look like much—but locals swear by the quality.

Kata Kirr is about 20 minutes west of the Conrad by car. Of the many Joshi Wadewale outposts across Pune, the closest to the Conrad is in Shivajinagar, about 10 to 15 minutes away.

​​​KATA KIRR: Survey 40/16, Castle Eleganza, Bhonde Colony, near Kalmadi House, Deccan Gymkhana

​​JOSHI WADEWALE: Multiple locations including Congress House Rd., Shivajinagar