• Visit an ambitious art project in a time-capsule neighborhood
  • See work by artists from around the globe
  • Book a guided tour of the famous murals

Local artist Harshvardhan Kadam—better known on the Pune art scene as Inkbrushnme—founded the Pune Street Art Project in 2012, luring artists from across India, the U.S., Russia, and beyond to the alleys and by-lanes of Pune’s historic Kasba Peth neighborhood. Nowadays you’ll spy vivid murals—depicting everything from pivotal moments in Marathi history to a behemoth riverside crocodile that becomes submerged when water levels rise—in the most unexpected spots. All this makes for a rewarding treasure hunt, which happens to be a great way to explore an atmospheric and engaging neighborhood by bike. To track down the artworks on your own, consult the helpful map Kadam has created ( and head out on foot or bike; if you’d prefer a guided tour (which we recommend, just to get the context and background), ask the Conrad concierge to arrange one with tour company Virasat Pune.

Kasba Peth is about 20 to 30 minutes from the hotel depending on traffic. It’s best to take a Conrad car to this chaotic part of town.